First step – finally!

Hey guys and sawasdee-ka!

Thank you really much for passing by and reading this!

This blog already exists a long time, but I had to work on it until I could publish this first blog entry. And with school etc., I was really busy, I am sorry!

On this blog, you can find every kind of article which has to do anything with lifestyle. In future, I will tell you more or less regularly something about fashion, music, my life or something which just is going through my mind.


My name is Mai and I am from Thailand. At the moment, I am a student and I have lived in Germany for roundabout 10 years already – so it is actually my home. :)

If I am not totally finished with school and just chuck myself on the sofa and watch “How I Met Your Mother”, “Scrubs” or something like that, I just like playing around with my camera (I am totally mad about it), trying this or that, drawing, sewing and listening and making music with my guitar.

Since this is my first blog entry, I have to tell you why I love fashion and why I am crazy about it. Fashion is something really really special and style either. I don’t think that every person is “stylish” and adore fashion like we do. ;) If you like shopping, it doesn’t mean that you automatically love fashion. It is something totally different. Having the eye for fashion is also having the passion and knowing the colors, the shapes and how it fits together. But how my opinion about fashion is … well, you will get to know my opinion about fashion soon. :)


– since I often visit expositions, you will always can read and find detailed reports about them

– lookbook-updates: I upload (either more or less regularly) pictures at and you will be the first one to see them!

– easily cool clothes or other stuff you (don’t) need, inspiration

– clothes I have sewed myself :)

– photographys taken by me

– nice bars, restaurants, clubs and cafés! Because I love travelling and I am always on the road!

– to a lesser extent, but also worth mentioning: music and video recommendations

Because this is my first weblog, we have to look, to what it will lead us … :S

I am so excited!



PS: Here a few photos from me. So that you can get to know me a little better ;)

So, that’s me in Paris, sitting in front of the Seine. One of my best holidays ever! 2010.

Me and some friends in Tübingen, Germany, “little Paris”, boat trip, 2010.

Me and my friend again, another time in Tübingen. It is such a beautiful city.

My beautiful friend Fanny. She could definitely become a model.

Haha, me in the age of 3 years with my puppy love ;)

Totally exhausted at the International Design Expo in March ’11.

In a sushi-restaurant in Paris, 2010.

One of my favourite pictures.

Yummy yummy! So delicious! Some cupcakes I have made!

Thank you really much for reading this entry!


6 responses

  1. Lany

    You are so beautiful. Now i’m going to look you blog everiday ! And I like very much your photos.
    I am going to make my blog soon :)

    see you soon :)


    23. May 2011 at 7:04 PM

    • Thank you :)
      I am going to post something new later! And I also really look forward to your Blog, can’t wait to see it!

      24. May 2011 at 6:44 PM

  2. Gefällt mir gut!

    24. May 2011 at 8:19 PM

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog, Mai! I followed the link that went with your comment and after looking around for a while, I ended up here. Do check my reply to the comment you posted, I’m sure it’ll make you laugh because one of the pictures in this blog entry of yours is featured in it, hahaha! See you around. =D

    6. September 2011 at 7:47 PM

    • No problem and I DID and you ARE a genius for making me laughing this way! You will “see me around” in a few minutes because I have to reply to your comment reply! ^^

      6. September 2011 at 7:54 PM

      • You’re welcome, Mai! :)) Cheers to us who can’t help but fail at flirting! (Although you have to admit, you know more about it at 3 years old than I do now that I’m 20+, haha!) See you around.Ü

        7. September 2011 at 7:20 AM

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