Eco meets Fashion: The Fashion Show!


Finally I can tell you how the Fashion Show was! I had been so excited about it and well … Honestly, I expected it to be bigger and cooler. But it was ok and since my friends were with me, I had a lot of fun and could take a lot of photos. My outfit: I wanted to wear something that fits to the motto, so that I wore one of my favourite shoes: sandals from the “Earth Keepers” collection from Timberland. I LOVE THEM. They are comfortable and for organic fashion, they actually look really good.

I will post the photos from the show in black-white because the light was so bad and the photos just look good in black-white. I know it is weird to post FASHION photos in black-white, I am sorry. Whatever, enjoy it :)

To the show:

It was organized by some pupils I also know. They presented some clothes from organic-fashion-shops or self-made fashion, that was really cool. There were a few models which actually are  normal pupils (some of them are my friends…^^). One of the brands that were presented was better2gether. I think that this is a really cool concept.. :)

After the show


2 responses

  1. Diese gehäkelten Bikinis =).
    Danke für die Bilder, so kann man auch teilhaben, wenn man nicht dabei war.
    Machst du gut, finde ich ;)!

    28. May 2011 at 11:14 AM

    • danke schön :)
      die gehäkelten bikinis waren wirklich top :)
      du solltest auch mal wieder schreiben :D

      28. May 2011 at 2:57 PM

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