I am so in love with …

Sawasdee-ka, guys :)

Ok, first of all, in actual fact, I wanted to call this blog entry “And even when I wake up, I dream about you”, but that sounded too melancholic to me. Again, I woke up at seven o’clock … (guys, I am really WORRIED? What’s wrong with me? It’s SUNDAY, I normally wake up at ~12 o’clock! Aside from that, I lost 2 kg since the day I started blogging. Ok, I don’t know whether it has something to do with PP, but it’s a strange connectivity, isn’t it?).

And yes, again a new design! :D Another thing I should be worried about … Why I just can’t decide? It’s like a disease!! There’s just no satisfaction when I look at my blog. :( But I actually really like this design. What about you? Or do the stripes cause headache? ;)

Furthermore, another thing I would like to tell you is that I am really suprised about myself how regularly I occupy myself with Pencil Pillow. PP obviously helps me to build my personality. Even if I have blogged for only not more than 3 weeks, I have never been so consistent on doing something. :D

Ok, let’s start with the real subject^^

Well, I am so in love with … this soft light, feathery feeling and these tender colors when you look at these pictures. I got inspired by this blog.

So I tried this on my own (honestly: What else am I suppose to do at 7 o’clock??).

Start the song, it’s my uncontested number 1 (for real, you can check out my last.fm!) and just fits to these photos.

Love you guys!



3 responses

  1. Rosamunde Pilcher :D!
    Aber schöööne Bilder, sind das alles deine Kleider? Ich bin neidisch ;).

    5. June 2011 at 4:38 PM

    • Ja, gehören meinem Vater :D:D
      Ich WUSSTE, dass du dir die Buchtitel angucken würdest :D
      Jaah, sind sie :) Natürlich extra nur dafür “gesammelt” :D

      5. June 2011 at 4:56 PM

  2. Wolfgang

    ich muss sagen, die Fotos sind wirklich sehr hübsch. Besonders du siehst sehr gut aus.

    Lg, W.

    5. June 2011 at 8:27 PM

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