“Fashion is the healthiest motivation for losing weight.”

Yes. This is a quote I found on a friend’s facebook profile and just made me pensive. Let us think about it a little and look how much verity in this statement is.

(I really hope that none of my teachers are reading my blog, otherwise they would likely ask themselves – or me – why I have time for writing such a blog entry but why I don’t have time for writing a school essay …)

Imagine you are walking down the street, going shopping, partying and so on. And imagine, you see a beautiful woman, low waist size, skinny legs, flat stomach, with cheekbones to die for, long and healthy hair which shines, be honest, have you ever thought about one of these things:

– “Arriving at home, I have to go out running / I have to do yoga / …”

– “I shouldn’t have eaten that ice cream …”

– “Starting from now, I will do sports regularly.”

– “Ok, no meat and carbohydrate anymore.”

– “I will go back to the supermarket and give back the chocolate whipped cream.”

– “Today’s party, I won’t drink alcohol, which will just make me fat.”

– “I would like to ask her how much she weighs? Hm, whether she weighs much more than me or not …?”

– “I would die for a body like that.”

If you think of 4 of these things, I propose that you are thinking similar to – I guess – 90 % of women I know.

Being thin is just the ideal of beauty we all want to archive. Don’t feel affected, I also know that there are women who think totally differently, but there are just few women who would also swap the ideal of beauty with the lifestyle of being happy and eating whatever they want.

And you know what the second worst thing is, in my opinion?

It’s the fact that you don’t do it for yourself, but for the others. Just because others think that having a BMI of 19,0 is beautiful, you also eat less and do sports even if you actually hate it. We all just want to conform the current ideal of beauty – that’s also “mainstream”.








I weigh 49 kg and am 1,55m high. And you know what? For an ASIAN girl, that’s pretty MUCH! Normally, you have to weigh roundabout 40 kg in this height!! Don’t you think that this is CRAZY? Of course, I have the chance of losing weight. But I love eating too much, food is just the greatest thing in the world and having a date with a cute boy, I don’t want to order “salad” or refuse “ice cream”. I am really content with my current situation now since I have also tried often to lose weight. Some of you guys might think “WHAT?” now, but that’s true. Absurd, but truthful is the fact that I have weighed even less before starting the diets + sport stuff (~45kg) … And besides, I just don’t love eating, I also hate sports.

Many people don’t understand that because they don’t realize how much luck they already have with not being, for example, disable.


Opening lookbook, you probably notice that almost every person has the perfect figure. But do you really know what they have to do to reach this? How much they have to disclaim? And how much they have to investigate? There might be somehow a few who have simply the “genes”, but that’s the minority, trust me. Fashion and a nice figure just belongs together, we don’t know that differently because this is demonstrated to us day by day through magazines, catwalks, photos, Internet, etc. A few magazines try to let also heavily build women model, but with this concept they often stumble across rejection. Why? It’s because of US, guys, of US! Because WE don’t want to look at “fat” women, but at super skinny sexy women on which every down-and-out tee looks good!








And it’s because of US that models think that they have to weigh less and less until they get like this!

Do you think that this is beautiful? I guess (or hope) not. If yes, maybe you have to go looking for psychiatrist. These photos show how the fashion industry tries to conform to our delusion and even though clothes might REALLY suit thinner people easier, but that’s not a reason for …


Pro Ana, that means: for Anorexia nervosa, or also “Pro Mia” (for Bulimia nervosa) and is a social movement beginning in the 21st century and supports anorexia and bulimia. Over the internet, the women – most of them are young women – post pictures of them … vomiting and showing other radical measurements how they reach there ideal of beauty and satisfaction to have the “power over their body”. For them, it’s like a disease and I am sorry, but this “organisation” just makes me sad. I have never thought that there would be something like this. These women are doing this fanatically and they although they think that they have the “control and power over they body”, it’s actually the opposite: they can’t control themselves. Pro Ana is becoming cool and trendy and faithfully, it’s becoming a kind of lifestyle. I don’t have the potency of doing ANYTHING against this, but at least, I have Pencil Pillow and can publish my own opinion.












I am just a normal girl but please believe me, the others actually don’t care how you look, at least you have to be a nice and honest person and: Nobody can love you if YOU don’t love yourself.

Wow, that was exhausting to write this. I hope that there weren’t too many English faults … I am off now. Do you know what I am going to do? Guess what … I will go eat the muffins I have made yesterday.

Love you!


PS: Men who are too thin aren’t sexy either. ;)


4 responses

  1. Zustimmung!

    9. June 2011 at 9:20 AM

  2. ebenfalls.
    und liebe mai ich muss dir sagen, ich bin etwa 24cm größer als du, das wäre ja lustig geworden beim klassentreffen… :D

    9. June 2011 at 4:46 PM

  3. Nathalisen

    Thanks for your comment! Very interesting blog post. Youtopia is ANTI-Pro ana. We think it’s awful that ill people can use the internet to make many healthy girls just as ill. We hope to get to do something to prevent this movement in the future. Maybe a t-shirt saying “Pro eating?” :D

    Love, Youtopia

    9. June 2011 at 9:14 PM

    • Yes, I also didn’t expect that you are Pro-Ana :)
      I think the same, I simply cannot believe to what the Internet (or we humans) is able to cause. Yes, maybe we should design a t-shirt saying “Pro Eating” :D:D:D:D

      Danke, Leute!

      10. June 2011 at 5:00 PM

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