So, I am going online now?


Today I sat in school and felt like sleeping … I wasn’t able to keep my eyes open! Even during the math test!

I had a lot of nice feedbacks to my last entry “Fashion is the healthiest motivation for losing weight” which makes me really happy. For me, it is quite facilitative to see that most of you agree to this. Looking at the statement again, we all have to admit that it’s actually totally the opposite. Nevertheless, fashion has its good sides (haha) … I mean, otherwise, I wouldn’t run a fashion (+ photo) blog ;)

As I have two weeks vacation now, I will probably have more time to take photos! :) Likely, I will visit Strasbourg and Legoland (my brother’s idea and wish …)! I love Strasbourg, last year, I spent a couple of days there with my class and it was AWESOME! I ran around in my bathrope whereas all my teachers look at me strangely! :D


Ok, the basic message of this entry is actually that I want to thank you AGAIN for reading my sometimes really boring blog. I call it a fashion and photo blog though I don’t post a lot about those stuff, till now, Pencil Pillow talks even more about my life.

But however, it seems like there are a few who like what I do :)  My article “My Top 10 Most Stylish Guys” had a lot of succes. My number 4, Adam Gallagher even mentioned me on his twitter. And look, how many followers he has!! That made me really happy + proud!! :)

Then, I was also mentioned the facebook fansite!

This entry had a lot of succes. Clicking on wordpress’ tag “Fashion”, I was mentioned on the homepage! Wow!

And I was entry “I am so in love with …” was also mentioned on wordpress’ homepage … :)

And somebody liked my pictures so much that she posted my pictures on ! A website for inspiring pictures! Wow!

Ohhh.. looking at these screenshots simply makes me happy! Thank you!!

I love you guys,



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