I love Sushi! Yummy yummy!

Sawasdee-ka, hello there!

I had a wonderful day, went eating sushi in Tübingen (or “Little Paris”). My parents were quite annoyed since I always had to take photos of the food first before they could eat haha..

We spent our evening in the sushi eatery “Tatami”, a bit afield from Tübingen in quarter which had just wonderful houses and where little kids played outside, really idyllic :)

Harmonic evening, harmonic song … As seen on a really embarrassing German teenie-movie..

I LOVE SUSHI!!!!!!!!!!

I am a passionated tea drinker, thanks to my gorgeous friend L. … Thank you :)

And after that, me and my family promenaded a while in that beautiful area and that gave me a chance of taking some photos … :)

Tomorrow I will have an adventurous day! Though you can’t see my face on this picture, I hope you enjoyed a great week-end!




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