DIY batik dyeing with Laura (#1)

Sawasdee-ka, guys!

I am REALLY REALLY REALLY sorry for not writing a long time!!!! I was very busy but I have a lot new to tell and show to you! I was mentally and physically absolutely exhausted… Why? Though I have holidays, I went to school the last two days. Question mark? Well, the answer is really simple: I worked. I cleaned the school, the “grand finery” takes place just once a year and gives pupil a great opportunity to earn some money! Well, I am just a human and besides, I am girl who needs money to buy shoes and clothes …

Today, I had a great day. I met my friend Laura (you know her from this article!) since she totally felt like batik dyeign (… and she convinced me to do that.. you know, Laura always gets what she wants ;D). I “split” this day in two entries because there are a lot of pictures and I don’t want to overcome you with too many pictures. Firstly, we went to the hobby shop and wanted to buy some batik colors … And then we went to the 2nd-hand shop (my favourite one!) and looked for some white tees or tops to color them, check it out :)

There were a lot of colors we could choose … But I wanted to create a green one, guess, which green I chose? :)

Of course, number 64 – German, “Maigrün” – English, “may green” :D


This will probably be my prom dress … (not.)

Laura’s sexy new nightdress..! Jakob will really find it hot..

Tomorrow, I will post part 2 and you will see how we created the batik shirts :)

I found a great white top for 50ct, that was really ok. And I also bought a pair of cream-coloured heels, a jeans vest and a hair ribbon..!

Ohhh, I love 2nd-hand-shopping!!

See you tomorrow, I will post the evening and how it worked and you will see whether we had succes :) or not :( !




4 responses

  1. Ihr seid ja kreativ!
    Ist’s gut geworden?

    17. June 2011 at 8:43 PM

  2. Tja, du musst den zweiten Teil abwarten (hihi) …….:D (der kommt in ein paar Minütchen^^)

    18. June 2011 at 4:40 PM

  3. Na, wo bleibt er? :D

    18. June 2011 at 4:55 PM

  4. erwischt..:D Bin grad beim Fotos einfügen :D:D:D Und musste gerade meinen Eltern beim Einkauf einräumen helfen.. bin leider auch nur ein mensch :(

    18. June 2011 at 5:15 PM

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