DIY batik dyeing with Laura (# 2)

Sawasdee-ka and hello!!

You know, I am really proud that Hangover 2 plays in BANGKOK!!! <3 <3 That’s pretty cool. Can’t wait to fly there next month!

Ok, like I promised (though I told you that I would post it yesterday but I had a really stressful day..), the second part. Enjoy it :)

What I like at batik dyeing is that it’s really really EASY. You just need to buy the colour you want to have, than you need a t-shirt or something else, after that, with strings, you bind parts of your t-shirt together à there, it stays white and than you just need to follow the instruction which is written on the package of the batik colour and well, you throw the t-shirt in the water and yeah, it’s done!

So, I have cool ideas with my batik shirt … But I think that Laura’s shirt has a better pattern, I love it.

I’m off now, bye!!!


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