Sawasdee-ka :)

I am really tired and that’s why this will be a really short entry. I am sorry but it’s really hard to type and my eyes would like to stay shut every time I blink. It was just a really exhausting and adventurous day, my family and I were in LEGOLAND Germany today.

It was my brother’s wish ;) We actually planned to drive elsewhere (a place I liked to go …) but he got what he wanted. ;) However, his birthday is right around the corner! And I have no present … ARRGHH!!

So, here some impressions from LEGOLAND Germany. We were roundabout 7 hours there. We ate roundabout 5 times because we often waited for my brother and his friend playing around. Chicken, pork stick, waffle with whipping cream, strawberries, ice cream, donuts … The way home, luckily, we stopped at a supermarket, I immediately bought a smoothie and arriving at home, I ate mango. Fruits, vegetables … none today!!

Ok, here the pictures. I put them in a slideshow, sorry, but I don’t have the patience for inserting photo by photo. :/

Ok, so, I DIDN’T have put the photos in a slideshow … it’s just because like this, it’s easier to look at them and it looks better. See, how much I love you? And in the end, the blog entry wasn’t that short and it kept me busy again for a really long time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





4 responses

  1. those leggo pics are amazing

    25. June 2011 at 5:03 AM

  2. Toller Einblick!
    Für Fotos lohnt sich der Ausflug doch allemal =)!

    25. June 2011 at 10:54 AM

    • Ja, das stimmt :) Auch wenn es nicht mein Traumziel ist^^ Aber Ende wars ja auch ok, wir haben andauernd gegessen und wenns Hähnchen gibt, bin ich ja glücklich ;D

      25. June 2011 at 11:19 PM

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