A more lightweight purse

Sawasdee-ka, guys :)


I had a awesome day in one of the most lovely cities in the world: Strasbourg! I have so many photos to show but you will have to wait ;)

I just arrived at home and I am really exhausted but it was an amazing day. I’ve made a tea (“Bayram” – If you are reading this, my gorgeous friend, I’m thinking of you and I will call you tomorrow!). What you can look forward to: some personal impressions (tomorrow) and streetstyles in Strasbourg (the day after tomorrow) (but I’m not sure yet whether the photos are good enough – I will try, but not promise^^).

Strasbourg wasn’t just great for taking photos but also for shoppppppppppppping. Stupidly, I intended to save my money for the Thailand trip (I spend averaged roundabout 400€ each summer in Bkk, hm.) but I just couldn’t resist today. Arriving in the city, I said to my mom: “Huh? Is it possible that Strasbourg WAITED for and wants to WELCOME us?”, because there was a “SALE” sign in every shop!!!!! That couldn’t be true T_T … That was my ruin.

Ok, money or not, it doesn’t matter now. What I have bought: (sorted by labels)

OYSHO – high-waisted shorts (arrgh, I adore them), flip-flops, underwear

STRADIVARIUS – backless t-shirt (I love it. I have never wanted a backless tee but the moment I saw it, I knew, it was destiny), wedges,  hat, socks (the socks are so sweeeet), blouse

MANGO – blouse, dress, pants (chino style)

H&M – long dress

ZARA – cape, blouse, t-shirt, top, high-waisted shirt

KOOKAI – t-shirt


Ok, so, I spent a lot of money. But I have never regret buying something (expect those pink pants and the red ugly skirt, I have never worn those…) and I love every piece.

My friend has just sent me a message if I didn’t like to go out. The night is young. Just midnight. Hm. Shall I? But actually, I am too exhausted. Honestly, I would rather like to shower^^.


See me tomorrow and love,





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