Strasbourg, mon amour: IMPRESSIONS

Sawasdee-ka :)

How are you today? What have you done today? :)

Lazy sunday for me, even if school starts tomorrow (uuuuuuuuuurghhhh), I have just done NOTHING and it’s good that I have prepared this entry already :) I hope that school stress won’t kill me and that I will have time like in these holidays to tell you what is going on. Weather forecast says: Next week, 35°C, yeahhh!

So, today my impressions from Strasbourg. It’s a city I love and adore, Paris is still more beautiful but which city can win against this city?

It wasn’t the first time I visited Strasbourg, the last time I was there was last year with my French class. I remember that it was a really nice and happy time. It was my mom who made this trip happening since she was really focussed on shopping in Strasbourg (oh, I do love her).

Sometimes I am a bit sad because in Germany, there aren’t the cool shops like TOPSHOP, OYSHO, MONKI etc., I adore the Swedish, French and Spanish chains of stores. There might be a Monki or Oysho shop in Germany but I have no driver license yet and it’s hard for me to drive 600 km through the country just for shopping and driving with the train, you spend at least as much money for the train as for your hotel or shopping trip itself.

Strasbourg is so easy to love, “La petite France” has the atmosphere I knew from Paris and with the river, Strasbourg simply has its charme. I noticed how much I missed last year I was with my class, there were so many buildings, places and shops I haven’t been ;)

So, I cut a long story short, here are the pictures..






2 responses

  1. Ihr hattet ja echt Glück mit dem Wetter! Ich bin schon auf deine Outfits gespannt! =)

    26. June 2011 at 8:28 PM

  2. Ja, hab super viele neue sachen gekauft :) :)

    26. June 2011 at 10:09 PM

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