Fashion & Music 2011: Colbie Caillat, Collien Fernandes, Peyman Amin, etc. …

Sawasdee-ka, guys :)

This is going to be one of my favourite blog entries of all time. Yesterday, I wrote that it would be an “image-heavy” entry but I didn’t expect that there would be so many pictures. The result: I had to split the entry. If I get the pictures of Natalia Kills + Milow (couldn’t take the pictures), I will post part 2 tomorrow or the day after it.

I went to Fashion & Music with my friends Laura, Vera, Fanny, Leni, Janina and Silke. Some of us had already partied the day before, some of us also were also busy but we all didn’t know if we should expect a lot from Fashion & Music or not. The event has caused quite a stir in media but we were also scared to expect too much and then get disappointed.

But arriving there and walking 15 minutes from the train station, it was quite clear: This will be an amazing night.

Even if it wasn’t really late yet, many people were there already. We just arrived when Alex Max Band were playing (wow, he was cute).

In addition to that, we walked around; bought something to eat … Metzingen is easy to love since it’s an outlet city ;) We also went to the DasDing Beach Club but it was just too early and there wasn’t anything going on.

Walking back to the main stage, we just saw Joy Denalane singing but then we just hang out.

Laura is looking sooooo sweet in her new dress, isn’t she?!

But then the stress began: Fanny & I are great fans of Peyman Amin (damn! HE IS SO AMAZING!), or, actually I have to say: We became fans of him. But we had to wait in a queue to get in front of the main stage and that took a while. We had luck and could get inside, Model Acadamy’s show has already began but Fanny and me were ambitious: We wanted to stay in the front, was much as possible. Black and blue marks, narrows, it all didn’t matter. And look at the pictures, you see, we finally did it! Peyman Amin was AWESOME!

The winner of the model contest

But another problem waited for us: We slowly became hungry and thirsty. Unfortunately, on the other hand, we couldn’t leave our place, otherwise, we couldn’t get back to this amazing place from which we could see so much and clearly. So, food or show? Normally, we would chose “food” but in this case, though it was a difficult decision, we chose show.

And it was worth it. After a long time of waiting and playing with the camera, Colbie Caillat finally entered the stage. Actually, I wasn’t really a huge fan of her but allowedly: she. was. amazing. She was simply beautiful, in the natural way, with her summer waves and the tunic (it’s the kind which I would like to have). Only the over-knee boots were a point of critique, I didn’t like them at all. Honestly, I just knew some songs, the famous ones like “Bubbly”, “Lucky”, “I do”, etc., but even if, I loved her performance. I really was looking forward to “Fallin’ For You” and after she had sung it, I wasn’t disappointed. Ohhh… thinking about it, I just have to say: Great show!

And you know what??

I am tired! It’s almost 10 o’clock and I haven’t even done my homework yet!

So, I will go to bed now and you will read something new soon!





3 responses

  1. Wunderbare Bilder!
    Da ist es fast schon nicht mehr so schlimm, dass man nicht dabei sein konnte.
    Danke! =)

    5. July 2011 at 9:14 AM

  2. Tricia

    wow sooo cool!! i love collin fernandes!!

    6. July 2011 at 10:28 PM

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