Summer breeze

Sawasdee-ka everybody!


I hate people who take pictures of themselves. Oh, damn.

You know, I am currently on an emotional trip that I could cry and laugh in the same time. So much things have accumulated and yesterday, it all exploded.

So, I call this entry “summer breeze” (thinking of you, Laura!) because this blouse and these shorts = my favourite summer outfit. It makes me happy to wear it (sounds weird, I know^^), the blouse is airy (and breezy), so light and these shorts, I love the patter, both things are so easy and simple. I love simplicity.

Picture 4: This is a little preview for one of my next entries … my boat trip in Tübingen!

I am wearing

blouse – Stradivarius

shorts – OYSHO


3 responses

  1. Huy

    so sweet!

    7. July 2011 at 2:05 PM

  2. oh oh oh the shorts are great, how much did they cost?

    8. July 2011 at 3:06 PM

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