Hearing the Sunshine

Sawasdee-ka everybody!

Have you watched „Hangover 2“? Do you know the song „One Night in Bangkok“? Ever talked about prostitutes in Bangkok?

Yes, there are many stories about it, bad stories, cruel stories, but for me, Bangkok is the most beautiful city in the world, though Paris and London pass by, Bangkok will always be in my heart. I am collecting the stuff I will take to Thailand this summer already; I am missing it so madly that I am going crazy right now.

I agree, there are a lot prostitutes, there is a lot of poverty, there is also a lot of muckiness but visiting the temples and talking to the gentle people, you will immediately change your mind. Visit the rest of Thailand and you will love it. There are so many places you must get to know, for real.

Sadly, I haven’t visited Thailand and my family there for roundabout 2 years already which causes my momentary sadness. I always thought that Germany is my home but you can never forget your roots, I guess. My relatives always ask me which country I love more, “Germany or Thailand?”, but what I am supposed to answer? It is like “Who do love more? Your mom or your dad?”.

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Sorry for writing this stuff, I haven’t intended my blog to replace my diary but it’s difficult, though. Of course I will try not to disturb you with those stuff anymore (:

A while ago, my mom has found this great video, a filmlet and I would be really happy if you checked it out. I would rather watch it on its website but YOUTUBE is much easier (the loading time of its website isn’t short, I have to admit that. But the quality is much better!). Press the “Play” Button and watch it! Please please please! I LOVE THE MOVIE! There are 7 parts, by the way. It makes me smile every time I watch it and besides, it shows the beautiful side of Thailand. Oh, why doesn’t a great story like this happen to me?









2 responses

  1. Marlene

    Wunderschöner Film und tolle Musik, ich liebe ihn jetzt schon ♥

    9. July 2011 at 10:54 PM

    • Oh Leni! Ich freu mich so, dass du ihn angeschaut hast =)
      Das find ich super! Der Film sollte viel mehr Aufrufe haben!

      9. July 2011 at 10:59 PM

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