I love fishbones and Fred and flowers

Sawasdee-ka my sweeties :))


I didn’t have time at all today. :D Firstly, I wrote a text but I decided two write it like this:

12.oo: First of all, two coupling yellowjackets (oh, no, I am NOT joking) woke me up.

12.3o: So I quickly ate breakfast (brunch) and then I dressed up because it was going to be a really busy day (and it was).

14.oo: Foremost, I had to go to a jubilee / family party of the company BOSCH (125 years, YAY!) where I was bored to death but the food was good.

18.oo: We came back early because I had a photo shooting today but the weather was awful. It rained all day and I seriously asked myself how we wanted to take pictures because I also didn’t want to destroy my camera with the rain but we were really lucky: Just when I entered the bus, it stopped raining!! But then we had another problem: The place where we actually wanted to make the photo shooting was occupied because there was a Middle Ages market!!

18.3o: I had to wait for my “clients” (haha, sounds weird), so I walked around at the Middle Ages market and it was SO AMAZING! Ok, they were catabolizing already but most of the shops were still open. There were so many cute and interesting things, fur and leather and stuff like that! Oh it was so great! The shooting was also really succesful :))

You might ask yourself now what the title has to do with my day. Well …

FISHBONES: I made a fishbone braid today! It was my very first time and I think the result is ok! ;D I liked it but the rain destroyed everything, though :D

FRED: Oh, Harry Potter on Friday was AMAZING! But I won’t tell you anything bc I don’t want anyone to know the ending etc. if the person haven’t been in the movie yet. But it was great, the movie made us speechless and after the movie we just sat in the cinema, not knowing what to say, remaining silent. Best moment ever!

FLOWERS: Walking around in the Middle Ages market, I found a incredibly sweet floral wreath! Oh, it made me stunning and although the shop was closed already, I had to look and touch it etc. The seller was really happy and told me the price which really shocked me (haha): 10 € (15 US$). In my opinion, for a floral wreath, it’s pretty much, but I REALLY wanted to have it. So I negotiated a bit and I got it for 4 € (6 US$)!!! :)) I am so happy.

So check out the fishbone braid, my happiness about the HP movie and the flower wreath  :))

Ah, and btw, tomorrow I will be out the whole day for a study trip with my class, the last one before seperating. But I won’t take my photo camera because we are going to canoe and I don’t want it to get wet, I am sorry … that’s why I will post something new at the earliest Tuesday. At the earliest.

Until then, have fun, guys!


Mai Mergili


6 responses

  1. Das Kino war echt spitze mit dir! <3 Freu mich nachher auf unsere Tratschrunde!
    Der Zopf ist faszinierend – wie funktioniert das? Aber meine Haare sind dafür wahrscheinlich zu kurz …

    19. July 2011 at 2:02 PM

    • Oh, heut wars auch schön! :))
      Haha, du weißt ja jetzt, wessen Tutorial ich mir da reingezogen hab, die gute “Südländerin” hat das gut erklärt. Ich glaub, ab Schulterlänge geht’s!

      19. July 2011 at 9:38 PM

  2. El

    Ah, the pictures are so lovely :) You look very cute!


    19. July 2011 at 3:36 PM

  3. laura

    Der Zopf ist wirklich toll! Ich bekomm ihn leider nicht hin. Aber ich versuchs, ich will ihn morgen unbedingt in der Schule tragen!! Danke für die super Zopf Idee=)

    20. July 2011 at 8:24 PM

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