Some pictures from today’s outfit :))

I am asking myself whether I should tell you how the canoe trip yesterday with my class was … Since it was one of the “crassest” days of my life! But it’s also a really long story … I will try to write a short summary ;)

I felt like in “LOST” or “24” etc.! The weather was awful; it rained and hailed while we tried our best to survive (and I sat in the canoe in a bikini). Our canoe was often stuck on the flat areas and that’s why we had to go out, in the water which felt like ice water. I could write a 1000-words detailed text but I know that anyway, you won’t read it ;))

The best things summarized:

– I wanted to move the canoe which was transfixed again … so I went out and suddenly, the canoe moved so fast that I couldn’t go in anymore. I ran after it but then I was in the deep water – my canoe was gone.

– I had to swim in that creepy ice water.

– I just “survived” (haha) because I found “refuge” in another canoe, of my other friends (not the boys, they were egoistic and pulled me in the water again! So antisocial!).

– Then we stuck in some monster branches that almost killed my friend bc it stuck her HEAD! I was so scared.

– The boys wanted to annoy us but instead, they capsized. (HAHA!) :D:D:D

– Finally arriving, we all thought about barbequing now – but our teacher planned all wrong and made a mistake and that’s why we had to go home immediately. Argh!

So it was an adventurous day. But I just noticed how bad-behaved and unsocial my class is :’(



Mai Mergili


6 responses

  1. hey! thanks :) I love your big cardigan, seem soooo comfy!!!

    19. July 2011 at 11:16 PM

  2. die jacke *-*

    20. July 2011 at 4:55 PM

  3. schöne Bilder. (:
    und ja, Collegejacken sind i.wie ja so leicht ein muss so langsam :D
    und dafür, dass ich die Armreifen einfach nur aus Prinzip gekauft habe, weil sie grad billig waren und ich Geld ausgeben wollte, gefallen sie mir auch sehr gut. :)

    21. July 2011 at 1:23 PM

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