sweet dreams – favourite sleeping dress



I am so sorry for not posting something until now but I have prepared the food for tomorrow’s pick nick since 5 PM until 10 PM and even if I had prepared a blog entry already … my Internet didn’t work^^ Trust me; this is NOT a lame excuse because it’s the truth.

Now it works and now I just feel so good to just sit here with my darling (the PC) and to be able to write something for you guys :)) I have back pains and I can’t imagine all the women who have to work in the kitchen like this everyday, horrible.

Tomorrow will be the last school day and the day after tomorrow, I will fly to Thailand.


What outfit I would like to show you today: My favourite sleeping dress. :D A bit weird, but you should get to know the dress because I love it. You know, I also thought about wearing it outside but if I confess you now that it’s my sleeping dress, I shouldn’t wear it outside anymore ;) But whatever, I actually don’t really care.

the sleeping dress is from “Maryann’s Boutique”


I will post this look on lookbook now and then I will immediately go sleeping! I’m so exhausted and tired.

Love you guys.

Mai Mergili


4 responses

  1. Beautiful sleeping dress!

    27. July 2011 at 12:44 AM

  2. 61degreesnorth

    Love it! Cute and cozy.

    27. July 2011 at 7:29 AM

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