I’m stuck in Vienna

Sawasdee-ka, guys!!!


Ok, I would really like to tell you how wonderful Thailand is and how happy I am to be back here but … Well. I am in Vienna. Since yesterday. Actually, I should be in Bangkok already, laying in my bed in the hotel but … It was simply a nightmare.

We didn’t have any problems until the last flight. We flew from Stuttgart to Vienna (Vienna sounds so much better than “Wien”!!! (that’s the German word for Vienna)) and it was all perfect. I slept in the airplane and took some pictures. But then the nightmare / adventure begun. Entering the airplane to Thailand, the final step, we suddenly got problems with our passport. My brother started crying and I was so … confused. I didn’t know what to do and I was so sad and disappointed, I mean, how long have I been looking forward to the trip to Thailand? We had 30 minutes until the airplane started but we were told that we couldn’t take this flight and we had been supposed to stay here or fly back to Germany to manage everything. My little brother sat on the floor, crying, while I was trying to repress the tears. I was so sad. My mom was just … in a swivet, I tried to keep cool and we managed everything. We booked a hotel room and stayed in Vienna, firstly, it was such a great shock for me. I couldn’t realize that we weren’t able to fly to Thailand and instead, we had to stay in Vienna. It’s not that I hate Vienna or Austria or whatever, but I just wanted to get away from Europe, see my family in Thailand, etc. Argh! I wasn’t mad but somehow I was really angry too, argh, I don’t know. The problem was that we had to manage the thing with the passport today, otherwise, we also couldn’t get today’s flight. That would be the most horrible thing in the world to me, right now. The Austria Airlines told us that we could fix the problems at the German embassy and that it will take just a few hours, maximum. But haha, that wasn’t the reality.

I stayed up at 7 o’clock and trust me, I am not THAT spoiled but we hadn’t any clothes and shower stuff etc. We got a toilet bag from Austria Airlines with a few stuff but I don’t have any make-up and stuff with me, that was a BIT annoying but you are reading this what means: I have survived it ;))

Pessimist, optimist or realist… I don’t know what I am but yesterday, I simply thought: Ok, it doesn’t matter. We will manage everything and then, we will fly to Thailand and have the best time of our life. Now I can finally visit Vienna and take some pictures, everything will be ok. But arriving at the German embassy, first of all, we were told that there isn’t any possibility to fix this problem in a few hours, this will take 5 weeks!!! Oh my god, I was so shockend and almost started crying!!! What a nightmare!! But then we tried to persuade the embassy-woman and finally, she helped us and oh my gosh, we did it. We waited in front of the embassy roundabout two hours, called my dad who’s still in Germany and then the woman from the embassy called us and told us that we have the passport. Sigh. Can you imagine how I felt? The feeling was amazing. Like christmas, easter and birthday on one day.

She also told us that that what happened isn’t actually that possible, that it’s a record, they have never made a passport as fast as that.

I was so happy.

Some pictures

Now I am sitting in the airport already although the depart is at 23.20. :D But we just wanted to have that safety that nothing will happen etc. I am at Starbucks, drinking a nice coffee and eating cake, writing this post and editing its photos. I mean, could my life be better? Ok, I have to wait roundabout 7 hours for the flight but anyway, I am sooooooooooooooo happy and satisfied!!!!

Starbucks in the background ;))


And besides, I have discovered Vienna’s charm. Not just the buildings and the city in general but … the boys. Oh my gosh. Kill me. This accent makes me crazy. :D


Love you guys and I hope that I will be able to tell you tomorrow that I have arrived in Bkk ;))


Mai Mergili


PS: WordPress’s got some problems. I actually want to upload more pictures but it doesn’t work. Be sure to see more photos soon, I will update this entry the next hours!


– Updated at 9.46 PM. :*


6 responses

  1. Uhhh thats really terrible!!! good luck!!!!!

    29. July 2011 at 9:12 PM

  2. Have fun in Thailand! I would be freaking out really bad if that happened to me.


    30. July 2011 at 1:22 AM

  3. yikes! I’m glad it’s all working out! Have a safe trip!

    30. July 2011 at 11:50 PM

    • Thank you sweetie, and I’m glad that you are glad :))
      I am in Thailand now and everything’s fine, thank you!!!!

      31. July 2011 at 7:25 PM

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