Sawasdee-ka :)

I’m here. I’m there. I’m in Thailand. Finally.

While I am writing this post, my eyes are almost closed, I am falling asleep … For real, it’s not a jetlag, I am so exhausted and tired from the last two days (now it’s roundabout 11.30 PM). The hotel is amazing and I just came back from the restaurant and shopping trip and my stomache is so full! After sleeping two nights uncomfortably, this comfy hotel bed is the thing I need the most!

Tomorrow we are driving to the beach, Hua Hin, where we’ve got a house. We will clean it up a little and make it more homelike! :)) It will take us the whole day but it’s ok. I am so satisfied to be here in Thailand and with my family, when I saw my grandma the first time, I had to cry :D

Here are some impressions …(I know that there haven’t been fashion pics for a long time, I’m so sorry. I will try to take some pictures here in Thailand and post them!)

Sweet dreams,


Mai Mergili


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