sun, swimming and stripes



I feel so bad for not posting any outfit, so here is one.

Simply and airy, perfect for summer, ok, it’s actually just one piece and I’m sure you know it: It’s the maxi dress from H&M :D I won’t wear it outside anymore, just when I’m at home cause it’s too … see-through^^
Oh, and it’s so weird, my family is sitting here with me in the living room and is looking at Pencil Pillow. What a strange feeling, they will laugh and complain at me again, I am sure, especially my mom!
Hope you are reading this, mom, soon is mother’s day and maybe I won’t have anything for you but you do know I love you! :)

A new guy I got to know today! I thought that he’s from Japan but then he talked German, so funny … and he is also from Germany!! :)) He has the same age like my brother, so they became friends! :D


XOXO, I will get a short photography lesson by my cool uncle now! (or I hope so, he is sitting on the balcony and doing something with his cell …)


Mai Mergili



2 responses

  1. bonkasaurus

    what a pretty dress. I love long dresses but they make me look frumpy, you guys’s pool is awesome!

    -Bianca at

    3. August 2011 at 6:27 PM

  2. Potilla

    Maichen – du schaust immer so ernst! ;)
    Ist aber interessant, zu erfahren, was für Bekanntschaften du machst … höhö
    Schönes Kleid (und das, obwohl du klein bist!!)

    4. August 2011 at 11:16 AM

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