Have you ever been a photographer assistant?



This is the first time I got the chance to be a photographer assistant. I proudly present the behind-the-scenes-pics :)) I am going to post the other “finished” pictures soon, I have to look how much time my uncle needs.

I woke up at 9 o’clock yesterday. Check out the schedule.

09.00 AM: I woke up …

09.40 AM: My uncle woke up … (he actually should have woken up at 9 o’clock too -.-)

10.4o AM: We started driving … (we were supposed to start driving at 10 o’clock!)

11.30 AM: We made a break at McDonald’s, anyway, I didn’t have had eaten anything yet!

12.00 AM: We met Jo and Jes, my uncle’s friend who are also photographers. Now, the “team” was complete :D

12.20 AM: After eating two pieces of chicken, a cheeseburgers and much more unhealthy food, we started driving to the photo location.

13.30 PM: We arrove at the photo location which was the Thammasat University, one of the biggest universities in Bangkok! It took us a while until we found a parking place and that was quite difficult, in addition to that, the area of the university was so big, busses were driving … we just found a parking place far far away from where we wanted to meet the 8 girls who have completed their degree! And besides, the parking place was so weird and in bad condition, there were holes full with water everywhere, you couldn’t even walk… argh! Then we walked to the girls who already waited for us and who were all really made up ;) And they wore the typical final-degree-outfit! You will see how it looks ;)

14.00 PM: We started taking photos. My jobs were simple, I just had to hold the reflect-thing and the flat and helped them whenever they needed anything. And I took my own pictures, of course. We had a few locations there, I think roundabout 6, but the jobs weren’t that difficult … the worst thing on that day was simply the heat. We were standing in the sun for hours and now I know how difficult this job can be, how much you have to suffer and endure. It’s not a comfy job and you have to do whatever your clients want you to do. They clients, let’s say the 8 girls, were so cute and sweet, laughing all the time and not shy at all. It was easy to work with them. It was like they would do anything to have beautiful final-degree-pictures (they have completed their medicine study). At 4 PM, my uncle noticed who exhausted I was and he told me to sit and wait and look after the stuff he didn’t need and he and the rest of the group went away and continued taking pictures while I sat in front of the Dome Building of Thammasat’s University area and waited. After an hour, I was quited pissed and waited and waited and waited …

17.oo PM: The shooting was finished and I was so happy … argh! :)) We talked to them and waited for the car which brought us back to the main building. Haha and you know what? My uncle and me, yesterday, we went to a market and bought some sun glassed for the models. And after finishing the shotting and while sitting at the Dome Building, we checked the sun glasses and noticed that one was missing, the red one was which was easy to remember. My uncle also knew which model wore them but he didn’t want to say anything like “Hey, girl, didn’t you wear them? Where are they?”. The girl, let’s call her X, also knew that she was the one wearing the glasses and suddenly stood up running to the place they have taken pictures before. My uncle ran after her and you know what? Haha there was another strange girl who HAHA … wore the red sunglasses. It was like she found them and wanted to have them. My uncle and X walked towards her and asked “Urrmm… Sorry, but the sun glasses ….” HAHAHAHAHHAAHA she was so shocked and confused, took them off  stuttering “Eh eh-eh, y-yes, I j-just found…” HAHAHA so funny and embarrassing. Her best friend simply said: “I told you not to steal those sun glasses…” HAHAHA

20.00 PM: We arrove at McDonald’s where we ate 10 nuggets, cheese french fries and a chocolate sunday and dropped Joe and Jes off.

21.00 PM: We arrove at my grandma’s restaurant where we ate something again. Argh.

… WHAT A DAY! Here are my pictures!!! The man with the yellow t-shirt is my uncle, a great photographer. Feel free to visit his portfolio, he is really talented. His friend, the woman with the longer black hair is Jo, also a great photographer, they are both specialised on taking pictures of people, fashion photography and portraits. The one with the short hair and the glasses is Jo’s friend Jes who is specialised on taking landscapes actually :))

Crazy camera + lense! When I will be able to have one like this … ?!

last making-ups

My uncle: all out!

All out again :D

A lot of photos by me today and the “real” photos soon, it depends on my uncle ;)) But he works fast and he’s a good guy ;D


So …

visit Peerapon Teadtulkitikul’s portfolio (my uncle): DEW SPLIFF

and his friend’s (Jo) portfolio: BROKEN LENSE



Mai Mergili


6 responses

  1. Pia

    Wow!! Beautiful pictures! Can’t wait to look at your uncle’s photos!!

    7. August 2011 at 2:13 PM

  2. Bertrand

    What lense has your uncle for his camera ?

    9. August 2011 at 11:55 AM

    • These photos are taken by me but for the pictures above @ “I wear what I want, so let’s have a break” he used his Nikon nano lense 24-70mm. He has roundabout 5 different lenses!! :))

      9. August 2011 at 5:55 PM

  3. great pictures and what an amazing camera! i’ve always wanted to go to thailand.

    9. August 2011 at 10:35 PM

    • thank you! I will post my uncle’s pictures soon, they will be even more amazing !!!! :)) Yes, Thailand is so beautiful!! :))

      10. August 2011 at 3:53 PM

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