I am wearing what I want, so let’s have a break?


I would like to say sorry for not posting any fashion picturse but I am just enjoying my time in Thailand, so don’t be mad, ok? :)) I just can offer you some (unedited) travel pictures (from my veeeeeeeeery talented uncle who is sitting beside me, haha :)), link under the pictures!), we are eating all the time, working hard in my grandparent’s restaurant and spending our time at the pool, and I just took some clothes to Thailand, clothes I REALLY need, so fashion is not the most important thing right now to me.

Be sure to see more regularly fashion fotos in 5 weeks but guys, I have bought some super nice stuff here. :)

Pictures taken by my uncle


This was just a short entry because I am not feeling like writing … I hope you can understand that but I think that if you don’t feel like writing anything you also shouldn’t because well, then, the entry won’t be nice?? Don’t you think so???


Argh. Next week, I will go to the Art Museum with my uncle. By the way, I am also doing many things with the rest of my family, don’t think that I only travel around with my uncle haha :))


I love you so much babes :)




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