something about me // 10 random answers



Today something totally different … I got a lot of questions and I thought that it’s the right moment to answer them. You can ask me ANYTHING – ANYTIME! Just post a comment or write me an e-mail at And this is going to be an interesting post because there is a picture of me, totally freaking out (my brother screamed: “Mai wants to kill me! HELPPPPPPPP!”).

Some questions I have been asked and the proper answer :))


How tall are you?

You hit the bullseye. :)) Between 1,54 m and 1,56, it depends on the point in time.

I know that it’s my fault that I visit your blog but everytime I pass by I just see you are complaining about your life.

Hm, ok, yes, honestly, there’s nothing to complaining about but dude, it’s my blog. My web log. I am supposed to write about my feelings ;)

Do you have a boyfriend?

What a question! :D No, I haven’t got one.

Your favorite shop and the shop you don’t like at all? And why?

My favorite shop, hmmm, … I love shopping and many shops. But If I had to decide on one, I would probably chose OYSHO because I like the clothes and I find something there every time. In addition to that, the clothes are so sweet and not every person knows the shop :) The shop I really don’t like the most is …. H&M. I don’t have to think about it, I knew it immediately. Honestly, I sometimes buy there something too, but I just buy basics at H&M or things I can’t find anywhere else. Ok, why I don’t like H&M? H&M is the downfall of individuality. Every person I know buys something there, some persons buy EVERYTHING there and that’s ridiculous to me. You can easily buy sweet stuff and second hand shops and compared to a second hand shop, when you buy something at H&M, you have to reckon that the day after tomorrow, your friends and friends of friends will have the same blouse.

What is your weight?

49kg – 50kg :)

Do you like fish?

Yes! I love fish! And I can’t imagine that there are people who don’t!!

How do you shop?

I’m not really sure how you mean your question :D But normally, I just go to a shop, more rarely, I buy things online.

Your favourite song ever?

Florence and the Machine – Cosmic Love ! :)

What camera do you use?

I use a CANON EOS 1000D.

You have written the article about ana and being thin and stuff. Is it really your opinion? Could it be that you are a poor fat girl who just sits in front of the pc and write those shitty stuff? Don’t you realize that you just can be fashionable if you are thin enough to wear the stuff?

Girl, of course, it’s my opinion. I would never write something which I don’t mean serious! You can check the question above but I guess that for you, I might be “fat”. I really don’t know what to say anymore, I think that if you have read my article about it and seriously ask me this, it’s senseless to try to explain something or to convince you to anything. If you think that you can’t be fashionable if you’re “fat”, you simply aren’t fashionable! So, good luck and become happy.




You can ask me anything, go ahead :)




Love you!




3 responses

  1. Alana

    HAHAHAHA great pic! And I love the song!!!

    12. August 2011 at 7:57 AM

  2. Jil

    Umm yes, I have a question, do you use a hair straightener??

    12. August 2011 at 3:08 PM

  3. Marlene

    mag ich :)

    14. August 2011 at 11:28 PM

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