… or: sleeping at the beach.




Well, I DIDN’T sleep at the beach but I was told that my dress looked like a sleeping dress. Ok, I agree, maybe BUT therefore, it was so comfortable and airy. You might have noticed already that I don’t care about brands and stuff but I do care about how convenient the outfit is, I would never wear high heels at the beach.


This entry is one entry of mine after … a loooong time. Sorry for this, guys. Honestly, I am so busy here and I have so much to do. Last weekend, we were at the beach, eating, sleeping, shopping, spending time together. How time flies, I can’t believe it, there are just some days left. I feel like I just arrived last week here in Bangkok!

Again, my big family and I were at Hua Hin where we have the summer cottage. We went there because my brother wanted to enjoy the sea one last time and I really wanted to take some pictures of the beach. Since we had a wedding party near to Hua Hin (Thai weddings are AMAZING, trust me. And it was so nice to see all the family members again, though I don’t remember most of them, our Thai family is soooo big! Sometimes I have to say “Hello” to people I don’t even know and in the end, I was told that they are of one my relatives!) so that we could just continue driving.

I am back in Bangkok already and next week, I am going to go to the hairdresser (arrrgh). So exciting.

You know, I have spend most of my money now, so I am not going to buy anything anymore, I think. The hotel wardrobe is full, when I came to Thailand, my clothes fit in one drawer but now the whole wardrobe doesn’t offer enough space! That’s so weird.


Ok, enough talked, now enjoy the pictures of the beach visit and the restaurant we ate. (Really nice restaurant, recommendation: VERANDA in Hua Hin!!!)

Horses at the beach

I was wearing

dress – Thai market

shorts – Pimkie

shoes – Thai market @ Samyan Market (taking place every Wednesday)


So, I will post the shopping trip in Hua Hin another time.


I love you guys!



Update roundabout half hour later:

Argh. Love this song and I think it really fits to the pictures and this beach-feeling.



4 responses

  1. love the dress!<3


    24. August 2011 at 12:22 PM

  2. Girl, you are so beautiful! So pretty!

    25. August 2011 at 12:44 PM

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