my new baby


I’m 16 and NOT pregnant and this entry also hasn’t to do anything with new shoes or a new bag or whatever.

Last Saturday, I had to stay up really early because we wanted to start driving early (you know, this thing doesn’t work with my family, we always want to do something EARLY but then nobody wants to wake up …). Yesterday was the second part of the wedding at Suarn Pheng Radburi, a really really nice place here in Thailand. It is designed so lovely and there are the sweetest resorts, I have taken a few pictures. And today we continued touring and discovering Thailand and now I am at Klanchanaburi, sleeping in a really sweet resort (pictures soon) and enjoying the river which is directly on the site of us. Thailand is truly so beautiful!

Ok, now I have to tell you something about my new baby.

That Saturday, I was waking up really early and I had to hurry up because the other family members would arrive soon. I brushed my teeth and looked so dozy with the shower cap on my head because I didn’t find a hair band. When I was finished, I opened the door and my beloved uncle stood in front of me (the photographer uncle) with a package in his hand.

I was too sleepy to recognize anything and he smiled and showed me the package. “What’s this?” I asked although I read the big “CANON” sign and saw that it was … a lens. Guys, I WAS SO SHOCKED but I also didn’t UNDERSTAND it because … you know; he might have bought it for himself and not for me!! (Well, what is, actually, really senseless because he has a Nikon …)

“Don’t you know it?” he asked and I shook the head and asked again “What’s that?” After a few minutes of silly questioning he gave it to me and well. Wow. It’s my second lens.


Stay tuned, guys, nice photos are waiting for you!


Mai Mergili


6 responses

  1. Oh wow. What’s your first lens ?

    28. August 2011 at 7:52 PM

  2. Marlene

    Das freut mich für dich :)

    29. August 2011 at 10:01 AM

  3. Potilla

    Der Hammer, Maichen, du Glückspilz!

    29. August 2011 at 5:25 PM

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