I’m back … with a new haircut! Yay or nay?

Sawasdee-ka everybody!


I am in Bangkok again and immediately went to the hairdresser because there isn’t much time left. (I return to Germany next Wednesday already! How time flies …) The last week I spend elsewhere was SOOO amazing, I have taken a lot of pictures but guess what happened? I deleted the “Pictures” folder! I am so stupid! But luckily, there are many recovery programms but some pictures are destroyed … T_T … forever. When I finish editing them, I will the pics, don’t worry! ^_^


Well, I wanted to color my hair but I was told that my hair will be damaged 10x more than it is at the moment and that I will get much earlier “white hair”. So I decided not do that with my hair and let the hairdresser make this instead …

Arrrgh. How do you like it? (be honest pleeease)



Mai Mergili


7 responses

  1. I really like it, it suits you very well! :)


    3. September 2011 at 7:28 PM

  2. I think you look absolutely great in this hairstyle. You really can pull off bangs.

    4. September 2011 at 9:44 AM

  3. Potilla

    Von wegen ich muss nicht vorbeischauen.
    Maichen, das sieht total süß aus! Ehrlich, total zum Knuddeln! :P
    Nein, gefällt mir echt und ich bin ja eh für Veränderung. Also eigentlich.
    Mir gefällt’s, und ich wiederhole mich, aber trotzdem: Sieht echt gut aus.

    4. September 2011 at 4:43 PM

    • Jetzt reicht’s aber … ^_^” Ich werd rot! Glaub mir, in real siehts anders aus, ich will mich nicht rausreden, aber ich hab mich auch vorteilhaft “positioniert” … aber dank dir Liebes und berurteile es am Donnerstag / Freitag noch mal! :D

      4. September 2011 at 6:51 PM

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