Sawasdee-ka everybody!


Everytime I see myself in this outfit I have to laugh.

You can’t imagine how funny it was to wear this at school, I got so many funny comments (more than I would probably get here or at lookbook!), but my friends told me things like “Oh my god, your hair!” and “Where do you want to go with this outfit?! Haha!” or “You look like a bonbon!” (haha!) but the best comment ever was: “Oh my god, you look like the Asian Britney Spears.” !!!! Of course, I had to start singing “Oops I did it again”!

I got inspired by the old HbG collection and I really like this “skirt” … because it’s not a skirt, I actually wear shorts. Really handy if you have to ride the bycicle to school. These Converse shoes are really old and I got them from Mexico … You know, I got them when I had my first “real” boyfriend (I don’t count relationships a relationship when I was 10!) and there were actually letters “A + M”, hihi. But I won’t tell you how the boyfriend was called, sorry. And the big teddy belongs to my little brother, I also actually didn’t plan to be in the picture with me but I had to use something to focus because of the tripod. But then I thought that it’s actually sweet. ;)


From the top to the buttom:

accs – Thailand

jacket  – Zara

blouse – Stradivarius (as seen on maaany looks already)

shorts – Thailand (Soi Lalai Sap Bkk)

socks – Thailand (Soi Lalai Sap Bkk)

shoes – Converse (bought in Mexico)


That’s it for today, tomorrow is public holiday for Germany yeah yeah yeah! (German Unification Day)

Enjoy the last hours of this weekend! (except for that you live near to Thailand because then, weekend is almost over haha^^)


Mai Mergili


4 responses

  1. Dayanara

    love the jacket and the cute ring!!!

    2. October 2011 at 5:11 PM

  2. i’m fond of yours rings…so sweet ^^

    10. October 2011 at 10:40 PM

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