Sawasdee-ka everybody!


I am spending some time at my grandparents’ house in a quiet and comfy place here in Germany and just relaxing from school stress. The pictures I have taken here will be published when I am back at home! I have my books and my school stuff and my camera and that fulfils me completely, besides, I have prepared some outfits and pictures so you don’t get bored. ;)

For real, I am looking forward to my return back home so that I can spend time with my friends. Here, I actually don’t have much to do; at least, I can do some school things. Tuesday is the day I go back home and we will also make a stop at Frankfurt, yeah!


I was wearing

jeans vest – Cocomico

dress – Central World Plaza Bangkok

bag – Chiang Mai Thailand

shoes – Samyan Market Bangkok


Kisses and love,




2 responses

  1. Potilla

    Oooh, das schöne Thailand-Zeugs … mmmh … ich bin neidisch. Du siehst gar nicht so gelangweilt aus ;) <3

    31. October 2011 at 4:26 PM

    • Hab ich letzte Woche gemacht, in meinem Zimmer … ;) Ich warte seit 1h dass mein Foto bei Flickr hochgeladen wird. Heut wird das wohl nichts mehr!

      31. October 2011 at 4:29 PM

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