from somewhere to nowhere – visiting my grandparents

Sawasdee-ka guys,


Next to me, there’s the present my grandma has given me, some knitted socks for the next cold season. Okay, I would not call the feeling I had before leaving to my grandparents’ house “anticipation”, but once you have arrived, it is not that bad.

Quite the contrary, since my grandparents live in a tiny village, phone and Internet reception aren’t a matter of course. That’s why you have to find other activities – for the time you normally spend in front of your pc playing Facebook like an addict and blogging (haha) or for the three hours you spend on phone per day exchanging gossip with your best friend – and I have found some. Meanwhile, I am spending my time with walking outside, taking photos, eating (a looooot – I would blame my grandmother for this) and listening to some old songs which where popular when my mom still has been a baby.

My grandparents have a really typical German house and some rooms appear like the time has decided to stand still.


Erm, concerning my pictures, there is actually no structure; I have simply taken what I have seen. Let’s go, here is part one.



Stay tuned for more!

Mai Mergili


3 responses

  1. Marc

    beautiful set of pictures! seems to be a really chilly place!

    1. November 2011 at 9:27 PM

  2. Marlene

    Also die Einrichtung hast du wirklich wunderbar zum Vorschein gebracht ;)

    2. November 2011 at 10:45 AM

  3. kitkatlikereflexes

    Your pictures are beautiful!

    2. November 2011 at 1:29 PM

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