Moving to Blogspot


in case you are wondering (and I guess some of you might do), this blog is no longer active. You can spy me elsewhere …

Moving to Blogspot

I have decided to move to blogspot although I am a great wordpress fan (for real, I love wordpress). I am abandoning myself to Google who has gained all the monopol (in everything) … Trust me, I have thought well and a long time about this decision and I have even already started to run the blog on blogspot to see how it works (and it works well).

The problem is that lately, I’ve just had the feeling that my blog is just a chaos and a messy summary of what is going on in my life. I would like to try something “new” and try to get some order and tidiness in my blog (which is somehow a replica of my life).

Forgive me, my dearest wordpress-bloggers.


The Sunshine Award 2011

Sawasdee-ka guys!!


How are you today? Coming home from shopping, I thought that I am supposed to write something. I know that I am not posting a lot at the moment but I am enjoying my time here.

You know, my idea was to post everything I buy here but things getting more and more and I wanted to take a “everything together” picture but it’s SO MUCH.


And though I’m not writing a lot and above all, not much about fashion although it’s a FASHION BLOG, I am so happy that you still read my blog and especially I would like to thank Sandra for …


Wow, that surprised me and made me so happy and everybody who receives the award also has to follow these rules (honestly, I didn’t want to write this post because in my opinion, it’s a little bit senseless, the only reason why I am writing this is to share some blogs I like with you. And everybody who “receives” this award DOESN’T HAVE TO follow these rules, ok? ;D)


The rules:

– Thank the person who gave you this award.
– Write a post about it.
– Answer to the questions below.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  – Pass it on to 10 bloggers who you think really deserve it and send them a message to let them know.


The questions:

01. Favorite color: 
I love many colors. Some of them are black, rosé, white and creme.
02. Favorite animal: 
– Elephants.
03. Favorite number: 
– 6. Don’t ask me why.
04. Favorite non-alcoholic drink:
– Black tea, green tea, water.
05. Facebook or Twitter? 
– Facebook!
06. What’s your passion?  
– Music, fashion, photography, art.
07. Getting or giving presents? 
– Both, of course.
08. Favorite pattern:
– Ermmmm … flowers, dots, stripes, comic? It depends …
09. Favorite day of the week: 
– Honestly? I mean, friday + weekend and … MONDAY!!!
10. Favorite flower: 
– I actually don’t have one :D
I pass this award to these bloggers who definetely deserve the award.
Thank you guys for reading. Tomorrow I will drive to the beach again for two days :))
Mai Mergili




brother + sister + boredom =


Kisses and a lot of LOVE cause right now, I’ve got enough of it!



Mai Mergili